Jun 1, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021

June Challenge

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This month we want to encourage lots of workouts and mindful eating. Workouts - easy right? Well this month, try and vary the workouts that you normally do. So if you're a true bike bootcamp-er, why not step into some HIIT sessions. A lot of you guys have voiced that you're struggling with food and over-eating. Although we want to encourage natural eating patterns, there is no harm for 1 month, keeping a food log. No one will judge you for it, it's just for your own eyes so be honest with yourself! CHALLENGE: → Complete 25 Workouts in June → Keep a daily food log HOW TO CHECK IN: → Log into your challenge every night and note what you ate and if you trained. → Tag us on Instagram [@thegymhowth] once a week, a post workout picture - either your workout set up or your sweaty selfie. We'll be counting pics = 5 tags ✌🏻 PRIZE: → 4 Virtual Personal Training sessions to use in July → 1 month free for our new Nutrition program

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