Powered by inspiration, sweat, and joy, we ride to the beat and sweat it out, together. Introducing a bike that captures everything you love about BODYCYCLE—the instructors, heart-pumping playlists, motivation, and energy—and delivers it to you.
Wherever, whenever.
|  Bike Specifications  |
  • Dimensions: 120 x 55 x 120cm [L x W x H]

  • Console Display: Scan / Time / Speed / Distance / Calories 

  • Bike Weight : 46.5 kg

  • Maximum User Weight: 125kg / 20 Stone 

  • Solid Durable Frame

  • LCD Console

  • Adjustable Resistance

  • Adjustable Seat

Frequently asked questions

Why this BODYCYCLE @ home bike?

The BODYCYCLE at-home bike is a home-grade bike which we think is perfect for your BODYCYCLE @ home classes. When you rent our BODYCYCLE bike, you'll get free membership to access all on-demand BODYCYCLE classes plus all of our other class types on The Gym Tv. If you choose to purchase your own home bike, that's cool - all you have to do is subscribe to The Gym Tv for €19.99 per month or €150 per year.

Is there a warranty on the BODYCYCLE @ home bike?

The BODYCYCLE at-home bike comes with a limited warranty for 1 year for the display, bike components and frame of the bike.

What is the BODYCYCLE @ home bike delivery like?

All BODYCYCLE @home bikes are delivered pre-assembled to your home. Each delivery appointment will take approximately 20–30 minutes to complete, after which, all packaging will be removed.

How much does the bike cost?

If you want a BODYCYCLE @ home bike in your home, you have three payment options to choose from: 🚲 Option 1- Rent your bike Get your BODYCYCLE @ home bike + on demand access to The Gym Tv €99 per month or €1070 per year *6-month minimum contract 🚲 Option 2- Rent to Buy your bike Rent your BODYCYCLE @ home bike for 6 months [then the bike is yours] Get on demand access to The Gym Tv for 6 months [starting month one of your rental] €125 per month *6-month contract 🚲 Option 3- Buy your bike Buy your BODYCYCLE @ home bike & get 12 months of on demand access to The Gym Tv for free €700

How do I get a BODYCYCLE bike?

Simply email us and the bike is yours: 📧

When is the next bike drop?

The BODYCYCLE at-home bike is available now to rent or purchase in Dublin. Our bikes are ordered and delivered in bulk and we have certain deadlines with our supplier to try and get them on time. Our following delivery is January; the cut off date to be included in this order is Friday, December 18. Not located in Dublin? Don’t worry—we’re working on making the bike available to more of our riders. Email us and we can see if we can deliver to you.

Get your at home bike: